Animation Mentorship

Stuck with your shot, or just want help to improve and raise that bar?
With an animation mentorship I can help you get your animation to a higher level!

What do you have to offer?

I’ve been in the Animation Industry for over 10 years, doing different roles including Senior Animator and Animation Supervisor.  I know what companies are looking for when they are looking at your Animation reels. I can offer you tips for your reel, animation, and overall storytelling: I created multiple short films that were received well: With over 30 million views on Youtube! With this animation mentorship I’ll offer honest feedback that will make your grow as an animator.  View my Resume.

How does it work?​

You send me your animated shot anytime you want. I will then review it the best I can, with additional annotations. Due to my schedule, this won’t be recorded live. I will always try to give you your feedback ASAP. Up until this day it’s been within a day. When it’s done I load it up for you to watch anytime. Please check out the examples below!

How much does it cost?

$250 per animator, paid in full prior to animation mentorship. This is for 5 submissions. If you don’t have a Creditcard and have trouble paying, please let me know and we’ll find a solution.

Why so cheap?

Compared to other mentors out there this price is cheap, but I think it’s important that everyone can afford a mentor to chase their dreams to become an animator. I love seeing people grow and its fulfilling to be part of it.

Can I submit commercial work?

No. This is for student-work only, but feel free to contact me for commercial rates as an animation consultant/supervisor.

How do I sign up?

By paying the fee below, I’ll get an automatic message and I’ll contact you with the next step. If you have any trouble, just send me a message!

What counts as a submission?

Any video you send me that I’ll review counts as a submission. But this means you can also add in a few shots in one video. Just keep in mind, my reviews are around 15-20 minutes, so I’ll have to spread my attention over the amount of shots you send in. So if you only give one shot, you’ll get more detailed feedback than if you send a bunch. 

What would you suggest?

In my experience, the best way to maximize this opportunity, is by animating one or two shots. Really get into it, do your best you can, and each time you are really out of ideas how to make it better, send it to me! Then I’ll give you detailed feedback and you can continue. I’ve seen many people not finish their shots because they’re too excited to start something fresh, but its the polished shots that will stand out in your reel. Those are really coming to life!

If you feel like you’re lacking the basics, I would recommend first learning the principles of animations, which I can explain to you here!

Can I see other people's reviews?

Yes! Anyone who joins my animation mentorship will receive a playlist of all other reviews, so there’s a lot to learn!

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