Growing up I was in a local drama club and loved recreating movie scenes in my backyard. I found my passion in entertainment when I realized I was making people laugh and get moved by my stories. During my college years I created my first animated short film Robby, which went viral. Not long after that, I directed Rooted which was another success and has reached over 22 million views on Youtube.

I felt very moved and humbled by how people reacted to my videos which kept my passion going and allowed me to turn this into a career. I have been fortunate to travel around the world for work; to various cities such as London, Vancouver, New York and for the past six years, Los Angeles. I have done all kinds of work, from previs to postvis, commercials, augmented reality and even theme park attractions.
It’s been an amazing experience to learn skills from talented people  and I’d love to share this experience with you if you’re interested in becoming an animator. I have  spent a few years developing several affordable Animation masterclasses that I’m proud to share with you here!.