I, Tonya (2017) Edwin worked as an Animation Supervisor on the Face Replacement for the ice skating performances.


Melanie Martinez - Mad hatter (2017) Edwin worked as an Animation Supervisor and Previs Artist on Melanie's beautiful music video.


Geostorm (2017) Edwin worked on a digidouble of Gerard Butler getting thrown around in space.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (2016) At ILM Edwin worked a few months on this epic second part of the Turtles.


Martian (2015) Edwin animated on this beautiful film during the last couple of weeks of the show.


Angry Girl (2015) Personal Project

PAN (2015) Edwin animated Mermaids for this Pantastic film!


Latest Reel (2015)

Paddington (2015) Edwin had a great time working on this beautiful film!


Dracula Untold (2014) Edwin animated lots and lots of Bats for this one!


Jupiter Ascending (2015) Edwin's first Feature Film he worked on.

Breaking Bad (2013) - Edwin made a very last episode of Breaking Bad.


Little Freak (2013) Shortfilm.

Mclaren Tooned (2012) Edwin's work he did on the series at Framestore.


Lion Roar (2012) Personal Project during his internship at Framestore.

11 Second Club (2012) August Competition

Animation Collaborative (2012) Animation he did during the course in Emeryville, USA.


Rooted (2011) Edwin Directed this short film, that he completed with a team of 4 students.


11 Secondclub (2011) January Competition. Winner!


11 Secondclub (2010) November Competition.


The Escalator (2010) Shortfilm.


Singing Girl (2010)


HDRI Project (2010) Lumiere


Mysterious Man (2010)


Pushing Cube (2010) Style Test

First Date (2010) Short Film.


Talking Old Man (2009)


Koning Willem 1 College Promo (2009)


Alien (2009)

In the news (2008) After making 'Robby' it became a Youtube hit and he got some 'fame' in Dutch and German Newspapers. And a Dutch News show:


Robby (2008) First Shortfilm that became a Youtube hit.

Louis the Frog (2008) A Project Edwin worked on during his internship at Ivorm, Tilburg.


Copyright, Edwin Schaap