Born in Wanroij, The Netherlands, Edwin started off with making funny amateur videos
in the backyard of his home and joined the local drama club. He found his passion in entertaining
an audience by making them laugh or get moved by the story and characters.

Edwin created his first animated short film Robby, which went viral on Youtube and
not long after that was followed by Rooted, which currently has over 10 million views.

He graduated Cum Laude and received a masters degree from the School of the Arts, Utrecht
with the multi-award winning shortfilm 'Little Freak'.

For the past few years he has been working both as a Senior Animator as well as having leading roles on
commercials and movies. He has worked in the Netherlands, London, Vancouver and is currently
working at Framestore in Los Angeles. He spends his spare time on Writing and Directing.

Films he has worked on include:

- The Orville, Series. (Animation Supervisor)
- I, Tonya (Animation Supervisor)
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (Animator)
- Mowgli (Animator)
- Geostorm (Animator)
- The Martian (Animator)
- Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Previs Artist)
- Pan (Animator)
- Mowgli (Previs Artist)
- Paddington (Animator)
- Dracula Untold (Animator)
- Jupiter Ascending (Animator)